Sunday, October 4, 2009

Xanadu (1980)

If you know me, you know I love Xanadu.  Mostly shot in Hollywood and Venice, the actual Pan-Pacific Auditorium that was the title's locale was burnt down in 1989.  In its place is the Pan-Pacific Park, which still retains some of the architectural touches than many Xanadu fans will recognize.

Yes, I'm doing the Kira pose...

The alley where Michael sees the mural of the seven muses was in Venice Beach.  The production actually built the wall to make it look like an alley on this street.

Directly across from the street is the area where Michael skates around a bit before deciding to smash through the mural to find Kira.


  1. Finally!!!! I knew there had to be ONE other person who loved Xanadu. I play the soundtrack in the car nearly every day!

    1. I need to find the soundtrack. I remember I was like 10 and my mom bought me the 45 record of Suddenly. I have always been a fan of anything ELO has ever done.

  2. I loved this movie as a kid and still love it! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I really loved this movie. Back in about 1986 when I ran away to Hollywood, We actually lived in the Pan Pacific. Cops would come in every night and kick us out, And we would go back in after they left. I wish it had not burned down it was one of my favorite places to stay, I loved the design of this building.

  4. Ah, I do wish I could've seen the place as it originally stood.

  5. Too bad auditorium was burned. I'm also a big fan of xanadu. I still remember when I went to Universal Studios in 1980 and they were promoting the movie. Too bad I didn't have any camera. Best film and love music.

  6. The rock scene was filmed at Leo Carillo State Park Beach in Malibu. It's also the same site used for the opening beach scene in Grease.

  7. I was actually at Leo Carillon State Beach when I felt a weird feeling like I had been there or seen it before. I told my husband that this was where Danny and Sandy were playing on the beach in Grease. Now I recognize it in many movies...Like Xanadu and The Craft.