Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween (1978) - The Walk to School & Walk Home

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When Laurie leaves for the morning, she crosses the street and meets up with Tommy Doyle.  We are still in South Pasadena here, just up the street from the Myers house new location.

Tommy Doyle leaves school and is followed by Michael Myers.  The school is just outside of Pasadena in Alhambra.


 Laurie's high school is the actual Pasadena High School.  It has been greatly renovated since filming, but there are a few spots that are identifiable from the original movie.

Laurie and her friends begin their walk home.  We are back on the streets of Pasadena.  They use this same street in the 2007 remake of the film.

Speed kills!!!

We move to a different street north of here where Laurie sees Michael Myers hiding behind a bush...

After Annie picks up Laurie to babysit, they run into Annie's dad at the hardware store.  The store is in South Pasadena, just adjacent from the new location of the Myers house.

(Astute viewers will recognize this location from 13 Going on 30!)
Dr. Loomis visit the cemetery to find Judith Myer's tombstone missing.  The cemetery used is farther north in Sierra Madre.

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