Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic that still holds up pretty well today.  The film was shot in Los Angeles and Nancy's iconic "Elm Street house" is just a couple a blocks away from the easily iconic houses from the original Halloween.

First, a pic from a couple of years ago as it was going through a renovation.  The house was deteriorating rapidly over the years and was beginning to look a little "too much" like it did in the movies!

Fortunately, the owner restored the house to look exactly like it did in the original film.

Well almost, the original film had a blue door while the remaining films all used a red door.  I actually own the top half of the door from the original production.

Johnny Depp lived across the street in the film.  Also below is a shot in front of Nancy's house where Johnny Depp steps out from behind the tree during Nancy's dream.

After the opening nightmare, our first shot is of Nancy and her friends walking up to school.  The school has been used in countless productions including Can't Hardly Wait and Like Father Like Son.

Nancy and Glenn have one scene on a bridge in Venice Beach.  The canals and bridges are used in many films and easily identifiable.

Nancy visits her father's police station a few times during the movie, both in waking life and in her dreams.  She crouches down next to the barred window to watch Freddy Krueger kill her friend Rod.


  1. o.m.g i love a nightmare on elm street! im obsess with the house! didnt know you owned the door from the 1st movie!

  2. im so glad the new owner didnt demolished the house, i've heard that whole st is a historic landmark maybe she wanted to tear it down but had to keep the facade? either way im glad it looks the same

  3. I talked to the new owner this year, and she did in fact restore it to be as close the the original look as possible. She did say she chose a red door (which is used in the sequels) but purposefully did not choose one with a window because she didn't want people peeping in!

  4. oh my god u got to talk to her? i think i have her on my facebook contacts her names angie i talk to her once thru a message but didnt talk bout the house. i honestly didnt know she ever saw any of the films? wouldnt be kool to watch the film at the house? did u told her u owned the famous door? any other kool facts she told u?

  5. She was leaving as me and a friend were taking pictures of the house. She was extremely nice and said she was well aware of the house she was buying.

  6. she sounds like a nice lady. im so glad she brought the house back to its glory!. to be honest my first trip to the house back in may of 2004, i was bummed... the house looked old and sad i remember my sister drove me by and we got out of the car and she was like "this is it"??? and i was like i think so. its so weird because you drove by it and it looks soo small but you walk closer and it looks huge

  7. oh thats cool!!!
    i must know where exactly where the opening scene(walking up to school) is located and also where the police station can be found. thank you!

  8. The school is John Marshall High at 3939 Tracy Street. The "police station" is at 4591 Santa Monica Boulevard.