Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween (1978) - the Myers house and Strode house

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Since it's October, I thought I would start off with my favorite movie, the original Halloween (1978).    Most of the locations are in South Pasadena.   Here is the Myers house, which has since been moved down the block and chopped in half since filming.


Laurie Strode' house is just a few blocks away...

When Laurie returns home, she watches some trick or treaters at the neighbors house from her porch...

Getting ready to leave for babysitting, Laurie sits on the stoop and waits for Annie..



  1. the interiors for this house were shot in the nightmare house

  2. Where is Laurie's bedroom window? The view she had looking down on the clothes line and seeing the Shape stalking her.

    1. Rumors are it was one of the houses on Orange Grove in West Hollywood.