Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween (1978) - the Wallace & Doyle houses

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The babysitting houses are actually in West Hollywood, just yards from busy Sunset Boulevard.  Although I have been to these houses many times, I'm always amazed that they made the heart of Hollywood seem like small town Illinois.

Here is Lindsey Wallace's house both during the day and at night.  This house has gone through a major renovation since filming.

Next to the Wallace house is the home of Haddonfield's meanest neighbors who ignore Laurie's screams for help!


The Doyle residence looks virtually the same as it did over three decades ago!



  1. oh my god earlier this yr i went to a friends apartment off sunset and got so drunk that i went to the wallace house and stole their birdhouse off the porch i have it in my room lol

  2. Gee posting that did a crime how dumb i should let the people that own the house know that.