Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gremlins (1984)

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On the Warner Bros. backlot is Mrs. Deagle's house used in Gremlins.  The house was also seen in Growing Pains, Deadly Friend, and numberous other productions.

Right across the street is the church seen in the movie.  Corey Feldman also biked up the street to this church to retrieve holy water in The Lost Boys.

And here is the store where the Gremlin was purchased by Zach Galligan's dad. also on the Warner Bros. backlot.


  1. i love deadly friend and gremlins i thought they were filmed on the universal studios backlot

  2. A lot of town square was yes, but these scenes were shot at Warners.

  3. it reminds me alot of wisteria lane, such a boomer they dont do tours, is it there the house from american beauty and the vacation movies in that backlot?

  4. The main Warner Bros does tours, however, the backlot you are talking about where the American Beauty, Lethal Weapon, and Bewitched houses as well as the Friends fountain is closed to the public.