Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Exorcist (1973)

All the exterior locations for The Exorcist were shot in Georgetown.  The house itself looks similar, however, the production added a roof to the structure (as their is an attic scene) and added a new front to the house to make it bigger.


More famous than the house are the stairs.  As in the movie, they are right next to the house and are very steep.  All long the wall are various Exorcist quotes fans have written over the years.


Here is the university campus where Ellen Burstyn shot the movie-within-a-movie.  The path she takes home from the university is actually real, no Hollywood tomfoolery here!  (By the way, directly across the street from the Exorcist house is the bar that inspired St. Elmo's Fire.)


Here is the bridge where Ellen Burstyn meets the priest to discuss the exorcism of her daughter.



  1. Robert,
    This has been a life-long dream, would love to go to the house, and the new BluRay release has Blatty & Friedkin giving a tour of these exact locations! PS, This is David Cole...

  2. Where is the universaty and the bridge?

  3. The house is at 3600 Prospect Street and the bridge is on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal just down the way. Other locations are also in Georgetown, mostly around the university.