Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween II (1981) & Halloween III (1982)

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Halloween 2 was also shot mostly in Pasadena and used many of the same locations.

The street Laurie walks to school from in the first film is used in the sequel where Ben Tramer meets his untimely fate..

Here is the alley behind Mrs. Elrod's house which faces this same street...

The elementary is the same used in the first one (as the exterior for the elementary and interior for the high school.)

Michael makes his way to the hospital through a small shopping center in Haddonfield.  This area is in Sierra Madre and was used as a location for the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Halloween 3.

During the 2008 convention, Dick Warlock and his son recreated the scene with Michael Myers and the "kid with the boombox"...

 Just up the street is the bar used in Halloween 3....



  1. Good stuff. Love the old school Halloween flix. Thanks.

  2. I loved Halloween III, the Santa Mira locations were wonderful.

  3. Ok the hallway where the big explosion happened

    1. Shot at what is now the Raleigh Studios across from Paramount.