Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grease (1978)

Happy anniversary to GREASE - check out the all new page at


My sister re-enacting John Travolta's first day of school...

There are worse things I could do....

The carnival at the end moves to the field at John Marshall High School near the Silverlake area.

And Frenchy's house is in the Hollywood area.  Looks the same, sans Rizzo's trellis.


  1. You forgot the main filming place which was for the dance!!! its in Huntington Park High school in the gym aka the Big Gym... I went to school there

  2. Didn't forget, just haven't been there!


  3. Hi Robert, Did you look in the back garden of the sluber party house? If so, did they shoot Olivia Newton John singing 'Hopelessly Devoted To You?' there or was it on a movie set? I would really like to know and no one has been able to answer this question for me so far. Thanks, Mel

  4. No, from what I read,t hat was all on a set.