Monday, July 26, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Updated location!

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For previous blogposts about Nightmare on Elm Street click here, here, and here.  So yeah, I do love this movie.  Although many of the film's locations have been pretty well publicized by now, what I had not seen was the street where Nancy walks to school and Rod is arrested.   After careful scrutiny of my blu-ray copy of the movie, which included trying to decipher street signs in window reflections, I finally found it in Venice.

Also, I never go to LA without stopping by 1428 Elm Street....


  1. The interior for NOES house were filmed in Burbank at a buddies house, will share pics soon.

    MovieShots Los Angeles

  2. o.m.g i always wondered where was that scene filmed! i always thought it was in los feliz near the high school. great find!.

  3. Wow Robert, thats awesome you have found these spots where Elm St were filmed. I'm from London, England and i visit LA alot, especially around Hollywood, i'll be going back to Hollywood next year, i to be precise, when i visit Hollywood i'm always on Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Strip, is it any where near those parts?.

  4. Just saw the movie for the first time in 2012, yeah I just came from under a Anyway once again awsome hopfully I can get a chance to re-act some scenes with a camcorder. Good Greif..