Saturday, July 31, 2010

Four Aces & other desert locations

While driving through the desert with Dom, we made a few pit stops on the way, one of my favorites being the Four Aces movie site which as been the location for many productions such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lady Gaga videoIdentity, Torque, House of 1,000 Corpses and Race To Witch Mountain.

Some screenshots from a few films...

Next up... a rather scary location simply based on an encounter we had with an owner!   This diner has also been featured in numerous productions...

Some various screenshots of the place...

And finally, this warehouse was featured in To Live And Die In LA....


  1. Hello again!

    I have the Buffy/film/loca site that you were
    so nice to give the Anya/Bunny suit location.

    I went to the 4 Aces site a long time ago but
    missed the Ave. L area. At least 3 scenes
    were done in the hills behind those locations
    where you mentioned the owner wasn't too
    happy to see you.

    I have no interest in these buildings or the
    private property their on. I would just like
    to ask a few questions. Since the dirt roads
    have names (AVE. L / AVE. L EAST) aren't they
    state roads which I should be able to use.

    Also can you tell me a little of what the
    owner said about what's private & what's not.

    Again, thanks much/TG

  2. Yes, the roads are public, not private so that's not a problem. The owner that didn't want us on his property just yelled a lot, not a happy man. I really don't recommend stopping by there!