Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Madonna: Open Your Heart (1986)

Happy 35th anniversary to MADONNA: OPEN YOUR HEART and check out the all-new page at SET-JETTER.COM

If you know me, then you know I have two great loves... movie/tv locations and Madonna.   Every once a while, I combine them both.

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The video for Open Your Heart features a theatre facade built up on a small hill.  Surprisingly, the hill is still there and nothing has been built on it.

Update February 2015: I came by in the evening to take some night shots:


Comparison shots....

In the end of the video, Madonna and the boy go skipping off up the street.    


Comparison shot....


  1. Wow, how did you match this one? Good job. This video was filmed in August 1986. Even though it didn't premiere on MTV until November.

  2. amazing!! I heard filming these scenes were done late at night into the early morning. When Madonna and that kid are in the street.. you can see the sun coming up!

  3. I Love the madonna location i want more ♥️