Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Madonna: Like A Prayer album photo shoot

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This latest Madonna location was a tough one.  Herb Ritts did a photo shoot for the Like A Prayer album.  All I knew was it was shot in a Los Angeles cemetery. I thought it was likely Hollywood Forever, but couldn't be sure.

I went through looking my old pictures and found this one....

And upon zooming in I found something that looked like it could be the bench....

I did some research and was able to confirm this was in fact the bench used for the photo shoot.  And lucky for me, my buddy Rayen agreed to head out and photograph it for me the next day!  (He rocks!) So here it is, the bench from the Like A Prayer album....

Thanks, Rayen!!


Comparison shots....

Special thanks to fellow Madonna fan, William, for finding the cross not too far from the bench!


Comparison shots....

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