Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Entourage: The Series (2004-2011)

With the upcoming Entourage movie coming up, my friend Rayen was wanting to track down the locations from the opening title credits from the original HBO series.  Although a lot of the shots are from pretty well-known Hollywood locales, there were a few shots like Kevin Connolly's billboard, Adrian Grenier's sign, and the final car shot that were a bit more difficult to track down.  But with me late at night at my computer and Rayen in his car in Hollywood, we found them!  Special thanks to Rayen for taking these pictures.

First up is Kevin Connolly's sign.  Out of focus and not too many clues available, but I was able to find it at 8255 Sunset Boulevard.

Slightly tricky as they used a reverse print for the shot, Hollywood Liquor was used as the spot for Adrian Grenier's credit.

Some b-roll shot of the Hollywood car dealership.

Jerry Ferrara's credit is on the Viper Room on Sunset....

Kevin Dillon on the Seventh Veil...

The famous Cinerama is used for Perrey Reeves credit.

The Roxy stands in for Rex Lee's credit.

This tattoo parlor on Hollywood Boulevard is used for Jeremy Piven's credit.

Can't miss Mel's Drive In on Sunset Boulevard.

The iconic Whisky A Go Go....

And the final credit scene where the boys valet park is off of Hollywood & Highland....

And for some fun, here is the "And Jeremy Piven" club from Season 4 of Arrested Development....

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