Saturday, December 15, 2012

Raising Hope - On The Set Part 2

Those who follow my blog know I love Raising Hope.   I've visited the house location many times, other set locations, and even got to visit the studio for an on the set experience.

My latest trip I was finally able to visit the exterior used for Howdy's Supermarket....

And Shelley's house....

I was also invited back to set to watch some filming of this season's Christmas episode....

UPDATE April 2014: Finally got to Sabrina's house, check it out!


  1. This is a great experience for so many people. Thanks for sharing this information. At bell - kingsway garden mall 1, they have been trying to give that experience.

  2. I live in Vegas and we go to L.A several times a year. I love this show so much! That must have been an amazing experience! I have to ask if you have any advice on how you got lucky enough to do that. Such as timing haha. I'd love to try to do that it it's not impossible.

  3. They shoot at the house every couple weeks, or as the scripts dictate, so you have a pretty good chance of catching them if they're not on hiatus.

  4. Re: Sabrina's house. I love the style. Any more information on the location? I am hoping to find the architect of that home.

    1. Sure thing, it is located at 22210 Tiara Street in the Woodland Hills area.