Friday, December 23, 2011

Scream 3 (2000) new location!

Don't go any further!  Check out the new entry for Scream 3!

I've been to a few Scream 3 locations before, including Liev Schreiber's apartment, but have always wanted to check out Parker Posey's house in the hills.   I knew it was in Runyon Canyon, but just never had a chance to get up there until a recent trip.    It's a great place to take a hike and you get a spectacular view of the city....



  1. Was the real interior of this house used in the movie? And what about the pool, Is it on the backyard of this house?

  2. They used a few of the interiors and definitely the backyard and pool area, however, when the house blows up, and they jump over the embankment, that is a different location.

  3. Nice did they let you take a look inside of the house? I did with the Halloween H20 house Dr. Loomi's house and it was a different interior from the one shown in the film.

  4. Any other locations that you have been too? And do you just knock on the front door and ask to look around? Have you ever been told to hit the bricks..? Lol

    1. I'll be doing updates for all four Scream movies within the next couple months at my website, And yes, while 99% of the time, people are usually kind or put up with their house being photographed, there have been a few instances where they made it quite clear, they had enough!

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