Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Kids Are All Right (2010)

EDIT: Screenshots removed due to pesky studio; all photos below were taken by me.

Great film and one that I believe Annette Benning should've taken an Oscar home for.... the movie is set in LA and used practical locations for filming.    First up is Annette and Julianne Moore's house found just off Venice Boulevard in Venice....

Mark Ruffalo's house is in the Echo Park area waaaaay atop a steep hill!

Their daughter goes to college, which is Occidental College in Eagle Rock, home of many movie locations including Kicking & Screaming.


My sister and I got to see Mark Ruffalo at Sundance and Annette Benning at the Oscars....


  1. I loved this movie. What at the house addresses?

  2. The first house is at 2230 Superior Avenue in Venice, the second house is at 2160 Leymone Street in Echo Park.

  3. Robert,

    How about Ruffalo's characters restaurant. It looks phony - but where is the one way street located, Silverlake?

  4. Special thanks to a friend for location this one, the restaurant is at 2640 Huron Street. I may get to take a visit to it this weekend.

    1. I'm here in Brazil watching the 4th episode of The Following, that new show with Kevin Bacon. There a scene where his sister is taken hostage at her restaurant, and I'm pretty sure it is the same as Kids are All Right. Can you confirm?

  5. I don't watch that show, so maybe some other viewers can help out?