Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Death Wish II (1982)

Check out the new page for DEATH WISH II at SET-JETTER.COM

Not a particular fan of the Death Wish series, I checked out Charles Bronson's house from the sequel set in LA....


The movie also featured a young Charles Cyphers....

Charles on the left here in 2003....


  1. The Pioneer Chicken featured in DW2 was just above Hollywood Blvd on Western Avenue. There's a strip mall anchored by a Ralph's there now. Where the Jamba Juice now stands in the mall is where the "Pink Pizza" shop from "The Last American Virgin" was. The pizza place was called "Vincenzo's" (You can see the labelled parking spots in the movie... great job guys!) I wonder if the Vincenzo's from "Drive" is related? I'm curious, maybe I'll take a trip over there and ask them...

  2. That hospital scene. Did they film it at a California State Hospital? I'm curious to know what hospital they filmed at when Paul Kersey took out Nirvana Charles Wilson.

    1. I'm not sure as I haven't seen the movie in a while, but maybe the VA of Greater Los Angeles in Westwood?

  3. The tiles on the floor look like the old Queen of Angels Hospital in Echo Park on Bellvue just North of the 101.