Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brothers & Sisters - new & revisited

Canceled for a good reason, Brothers & Sisters used to be watchable but became pretty melodramatic and repetitive.  I have always been on the search for he Ojai Foods warehouse and found it to be the spot of several locations, most recently the new muppet movie!  This is located at 642 Mateo Street in Downtown LA.

Screenshot from Brothers & Sisters...

Screenshot from the new Muppet trailer...

I had been to the house once before, but visited again with my family last October...

Real brother & sister...


  1. So cool! I watched the series, and the house looked very familiar. Is it in Pasadena or San Marino? Also, where is the Justin & Rebecca's house (silverlake?)and Holly's house, it also looks like silverlake?

  2. Yes, the house is actually in Pasadena at 1640 Lombardy Road. And yes, Holly's house is indeed in Silverlake at 3210 Landa Street. Rebecca's house is at 1460 West 36th Street.

  3. Do you know the location of Kevin & Scotty's apartment and Scotty's restaurant, Cafe 429? As well as Sarah's house?

  4. Actually I had stopped watching the series after the first season, if you can give me some screenshots though I can see what I can do....

  5. I just recognized that this is the same house used for the new ABC series, "Blackish"!

  6. What town was "Mexico" filmed in?