Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Cast

In 2007, many of the cast from the original Nightmare On Elm Street got together at a convention in Chicago.   It was truly a great time to meet so many people from a film I idolized for so long....

Robert Englund

Heather Langeknkamp

Amanda Wyss

Nick Corri/Jsu Garcia

Ronee Blakely

John Saxon

Charles Fleischer

Lin Shaye (who I didn't meet at this convention but the following year)

Here are some pics from a cocktail party with the Elm Street stars.....

Following the party was an outdoor screening of the film.  Seats were assigned and lucky me, these were the two chatty moviewatchters sitting right in front of me.....


  1. i did not recognized jsu garcia, he changed alot. heather and amanda seem like they are nice ppl

  2. You lucky betach!!! Why don't they do conventions like this in the UK:(

  3. who is the blonde on the left with you and Amanda Wyss in the first photo at the cocktail party?

  4. who is the blonde with you and Amanda Wyss, first photo at the cocktail part?